THE FIRST DECADE. 1975-1985.



Tynda (Biased Notes)




In 1975 cosmonaut Valentine Lebedev came to Tynda for the first time.By the way, in the same year he returned to BAM as chief of the MAI (Moscow Avionics Institute) construction squad.He worked alongside his squad, building various structures for BAM.

In the BAM years many pop stars and other celebrities visited us.Eduard Hil', Tynis Myagi, "Apelsin," Edita P'eha, Chursina and Oleg Tabakov's drama theater "Sovremennik."I can't remember everyone.The only star that never paid a visit was Alla Pugacheva.However, it rumored periodically that she's coming any day, any month.But alas

Celebrities performed in the Palace of Culture "Yunost" or later in "Gilyui."Rock groups performed at the stadium.

Even Joseph Kobzon visited.According to the "witnesses," he bought container-fulls of the Mongolian cowhide coats.Maybe it's just rumors.But the fact is that when our mayor requested his assistance in getting aid to Tynda from Duma, and reminded his that he is the honorary Tynda resident, the answer came from Kobzon's secretary.The letter said that Kobzon is very busy and does not have time for this.Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Kobzon!

On the other hand, Dean Reed (maybe someone remembers this American actor and singer) not only gave a concert on Festival'naya Hill, but also shot a few music videos.Grateful residents named one of the streets after him.There is a Dean Reed Street on that very hill where he sang.In one of his interviews, in August of 1985, he said:

"I must say that one of my deepest impressions of the latter years is BAM that I had a chance to visit.I sang for 25 thousand spectators on a hill in the open air."I have to add that he was talking about the concert on Festival'naya Hill in Tynda.It took place on August 18th 1979 on the tenth day of the 19-day Reed's tour marathon on BAM.That even is 21 years old.The name of Dean Reed is unknown to many now.But back then it was a famous name.He was an American singer who permanently lived in East Germany.US exiled him because he was publicly washing American flag saying that it's soiled with blood.


Gennady Astahov wrote the following story last year.


The rumor of Dean Reed coming to Tynda spread instantaneously.By the time YaK-40 landed at the airport, thousands of residents were waiting by the gates.Smiling Dean went down the airplane's stairs towards the back than "fathers" of the city, representatives of the Komsomol BAM Headquarters.The singer was presented with a bouquet of Gladiolus's.People rushed towards the plane.Everyone wanted to get a souvenir from the singer.

The pragmatic American had foreseen the situation.He had prepared a stack of his photos.He would ask in Russian: "What's your name:", and than wrote on the back of the photo: "To Kolya from Dean," "To Svetlana from Dean," and so forth.It turned out pretty good.

His concert took place in Yunost later that night.There were a lot less seats available then there were people who wanted to listen to the singer.People were everywhere: in the passageways, on ledges, by the open windows.

Reed came onto the stage and began singing.The spectators were used to his style and fire-like personality.But he took a slow cord."This song, - said Dean, - I dedicate to my mother!"And a slow melody followed.When he finished it, he kneeled on one knee.

Reed's performance on Festival'naya Hill was part of the Amateur Patriotic Song Festival that took place in Tynda.The opening of this event was done as it should have been -- the stage and the presidium's desk on it.Mohortov did the opening speech.A funny incident took place at that moment.Dean appeared on the Hill a bit later and took his place at a distance from the presidium's desk.The crowd saw him and began applauding.Konstantin Mohortov was at a loss -- his speech was only half finished but they are already applauding.Are they trying to mock him?But when he turned his head and saw Dean, he understood the situation.He had to cut his speech a little short.

Reed performed on the Hill for over an hour.Having finished the performance, he left the stage, sat in car and was driven away.The plane awaited him.His tour of BAM was not finished yet.After he left, the Hill was deserted.People left the same way they came in waves.All of a sudden it got uncomfortably cold, empty and unpleasant on a warm August afternoon.(I have to add from myself -- it was very hot that day.A.I.)

I know that Dean had organized all of his trip materials.In one of his interviews he said:"My countryman John Reed wrote a famous book about Russian revolution "Ten days that shook the world."Unlike him, I am not a writer, but I could probably write a short book "Nineteen days on BAM that shook the American singer Dean Reed."His dream did not come true.

One other idea never came to life -- to make a movie about the mainline's builders, even though a "Mosfilm" group traveled with the singer.They came up with ideas without any effort.One of the ideas was to shoot Dean Reed galloping on a horse through Tynda.A "raving American," a rancho child who gave up prairies for the Far Eastern taiga, and he's boldly conquering it on a mustang.

It's pretty unordinary and impressive.

The idea of course was great.But where could you find a "hoofed one?"There weren't any horse stations either in the city or in the vicinity.This was something to think about.

The all-knowing Muscovites found out that one of the Tynda residents had a horse.They decided to try their luck.One of them went to see the owner.He said that Dean Reed, a famous artist, wants to shoot a video and ride your horse in it.And that the owner should be very proud of the fact.

The owner of the horse turned out to be a stingy grumpy guy.

"I don't know any Reed and don't want to meet him.And I don't need any honor from you.You're not getting my horse!"

They've tried different approaches.But everything was in vain.The film group understood the uselessness of their efforts and went to the City Communist Committee in order to try to get official help.The committee was outraged and sent a representative to deal with the uncooperative owner.

The old guy was no fool.While the film group was complaining, he took the horse and headed towards Solov'evsk.And to make it hard for the officials to catch him, he used some secret taiga routes.

There was no time to find a different horse.The video could not be shot.

That was the end to the one and only attempt of Dean Reed to gallop on a horse through Tynda.But he compensated this by shooting and acting in his own movies about American Indians.